Help For Rwanda

My friend and fellow pastor, Moise Bukenya, serves his church and school in Kigali, Rwanda. The school offers an education that is not commonly available for these amazing young children. However, there are two threats to the children’s well-being: water scarcity and a lack of safety. 


To provide water for the students, most of whom don’t have access outside of school, Pastor Moise needs to purchase a $700 water tank. 


Likewise, there is a need for a fence to surround the property. There are two reasons for this: (1) it keeps the kids safely inside and strangers out, and (2) it prevents land-hungry people from unethically claiming the land is theirs. This part will cost $5,700. 


For only $6,400 we can provide life-giving water and life-saving security to young children, the “least of these”. I’m looking for 100 people to give just $64, the funds will go to the school/church, Heritage Christian School/Gospel Center Ministries.

Click the button then select the amount you want to give, and select the “Help for Rwanda” option to give and change these children’s lives.

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