Chris Phillips


  • Ed Cox

    Elder Emeritus

  • Josh White


    Paul Woodburn


  • Sarah Phillips

    Administrative Assistant

Chris Phillips


Chris Phillips is one of our Elders. Chris works for the US Government, but in his downtime, he enjoys woodworking, hiking with his family, golfing, and cheering for the Packers (but don’t hold that against him). 

Chris and his wife (Sarah) have three daughters & a son-in-law (Kayla & Cody Bowlin, Rebekah, and Emily. The youngest two live at home with Chris and Sarah, while the oldest, Kayla and Cody, serve internationally. 


We asked Chris


 What was the best concert you ever attended?   Skillet (SpiritSong 2019, Kings Island)

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about? I can keep a secret.

Ed Cox

Elder Emeritus

Ed Cox is now serving as Elder Emeritus. He served as an Elder for 6 years and was our former interim-pastor. Ed and his wife, Linda, served as missionaries with The Navigators in four European countries over a 30-year period. Don’t be confused if Ed mentions going to prison, he currently serves through The Navigators to help those who are incarcerated in Indiana. 


When he isn’t doing ministry work, Ed enjoys backpacking and being a self-described “gentleman farmer”. We’re not sure if that refers to the crops and animals on his property or his lifelong commitment to discipling men, either way it fits him. Plus, if you need help with algebra, Ed has his BS in Math. 


Ed and his wife (Linda) have been at CFC for five years and live on the property Linda grew up on. They have three sons who were were born in Europe and are now scattered around the U.S.


We asked Ed: 

What is your favorite movie? The Mission


If you could visit anywhere, where would you go? It’s a toss up between Iceland and Patagonia.


Josh White


Josh White is one of our Elders. He serves as a Reserve in the US Army. As well, Josh holds his MS in Forensic Psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate in the same field.. He enjoys bicycling and  playing board games with friends and family.

Josh, his wife (Rhoda), and four kids (Guinevere, Sebastian, Charlotte, and Frederick) live in SE, Indiana not too far from our church. 


We asked Josh: 


What is something interesting about you? I enjoy studying human behavior for my schooling. 


What’s your secret talent that no one knows about? I enjoy losing in Settlers of Catan to Pastor Paul. 

Paul Woodburn


Paul Woodburn is our Senior Pastor. Even if no one else does, he thinks he’s funny. Combining that with his passion for digging into biblical truth, he calls himself “The Stand-up Scholar”.  If you came by the office during the week you might find him listening to Christian Hip-Hop or taking a break to check the latest report on the Cincinnati Bengals.  


Paul, his wife (Whitney), and two kids (Reagan & Titus) live in SE, Indiana not too far from our church. 


We asked Paul: 

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Whitney and I  just got done binging Better Call Saul. 

What is your favorite family tradition? We play a game every night at dinner. 

Sarah Phillips

Administrative Assistant

Sarah is our Director of Children’s Ministry & the church Administrative Assistant. She and her husband (Chris) have three children (Kayla, Rebekah, and Emily). For the past 20 years, they have lived in California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Indiana. 


When Sarah isn’t making sure things run smoothly around the church, she enjoys traveling with her family, even if it’s just a day trip somewhere.  She is also into sewing and crafts of almost any type.


We Asked Sarah:  

What is your favorite family tradition? Every year we create an elaborate gingerbread house, sometimes a whole village.

What is something interesting about you? I lead a kids robotics team even though I know nothing about robotics. I’ve learned that I can learn just about anything if I set my mind to it. 


If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?  Europe. I love visiting historical sites.