Traditional Marriage or Biblical Marriage?

Traditional Marriage or Biblical Marriage?

In the battle over the definition of marriage, many people want to base their arguments for traditional marriage on social reasons: it’s a more stable home for the child; that’s the way it has always been in Western society; studies show that homes with a father and mother are more well-adjusted and perform better academically; etc. While there are certainly good social reasons for keeping the definition of marriage as one man and one woman, ultimately it comes down to what God has to say about it. If we base our beliefs and convictions on what seems good for society, or what seems best for the child, there is then no ultimate basis for our arguments, and a changing society, new laws, or new studies, can undermine our position.

As Christians, the Bible is our ultimate authority, so when we define marriage (or share our thinking on any issue) it must be grounded in the authority of God’s Word. Otherwise, it’s just my opinion, And who says that my opinion is better than anyone else’s?

Here’s an excerpt from an insightful blog by  Georgia Purdom:

If it’s up to man to decide what marriage should be, then the definition is completely arbitrary and whose arbitrary opinion should become law? Who defines the “best for society” and why that should be the goal? Why not what’s worst for society? Without the ultimate authority of God’s Word, the meaning of words like good and badright and wrong, are meaningless. Why can’t you marry more than one person, your dog or your car? Proponents of gay marriage say it will never lead to things like that. But why not? That is the logical outcome, no matter how absurd it may seem now, when there is no ultimate authority that determines the definition of marriage.

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