The End of the Age

The End of the Age

You may be asking, “Why study the end times? I mean, there are so many different views—preterist, futurist, premill, amill, postmill, pretrib, prewrath, posttrib—can we really know what’s going to happen? And does it really matter?” Well, consider this:

  • There is only one other doctrine that is given more space in the New Testament than Christ’s Second Coming—that of salvation.
  • 150 chapters in the Bible have the end times as their main subject.
  • Jesus’ return is alluded to more than 300 times in the New Testament.
  • In the New Testament, Jesus mentions His return more frequently than He speaks of His death.
  • The Second Coming of Christ is referenced eight times more often in the Bible than His first coming.
  • All nine of the authors of the New Testament mention Christ’s second coming.
  • Christ’s second coming is mentioned or alluded to in 23 of the 27 books of the New Testament.

If the Bible gives such an important place to the doctrine of eschatology (the end times), then we should, too. Plus, both Jesus and Paul urged God’s people to not be deceived or led astray by false teaching, false prophets, or false messiahs.

We hope you can join us for a study in what the Bible has to say about the end of the age and the return of Christ. Forget the hidden Bible codes, the blood moons, and all the hype. Instead, we’ll focus on God’s Word so that we can obey Jesus’ command to be watchful, alert, and ready for His return.

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