Summer in the Psalms 2016

Summer in the Psalms 2016


We will be studying the book of Psalms this summer. We won’t be looking at every psalm, but selecting 11 or 12 to focus on. This introduction the book of Psalms is taken from the ESV Study Bible:

The book of Psalms, or Psalter, has supplied to believers some of their best-loved Bible passages. It is a collection of 150 poems that express a wide variety of emotions, including: love and adoration toward God, sorrow over sin, dependence on God in desperate circumstances, the battle of fear and trust, walking with God even when the way seems dark, thankfulness for God’s care, devotion to the word of God, and confidence in the eventual triumph of God’s purposes for the world.

Throughout history God has been fashioning a people for himself who will love and obey him, and who will express and nourish their corporate life in gathered worship. The Psalms served as a vehicle for the prayers and praises of God’s people in Israel. And Christians today, who have been grafted into the olive tree of God’s ancient people (Rom. 11:17, 24), can join their voices together with these ancient people in their worship.

We have a Summer in the Psalms reading schedule that will take you through the book of Psalms during our series. You can download the PDF (right click and choose “Save link as…”), or open it in your browser and just click on the links to read the Psalms at

I look forward to seeking God together this summer through the book of Psalms.

Pastor Gary

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