Short-Term Mission Trips

Short-Term Mission Trips

God has put us in touch with a Christian foundation in Nicaragua, A Heart for Love, which works feeding the poor, helping handicapped children and their families, and sharing the gospel. We periodically take teams to northern Nicaragua to assist them with physical needs, sharing the gospel, and in developing micro-businesses to produce fair trade products that we help market in the US. We are truly excited to see what God is doing through this foundation.

We want our trips to include these seven characteristics:

  1. Purposeful
  2. Mutually Beneficial
  3. Long Term Relationship
  4. Prayerful
  5. Pre-trip Training & Orientation
  6. Small Targeted Teams
  7. Engage in mercy, evangelism, practical help, fair trade

If you are interested in going on a future trip, please fill out the application. Read the guidelines below, then click the link at the bottom of the page to be taken to the application.

Application Guidelines

  1. To begin the process, please contact the CFC Missions Committee to discuss your desire to go on a future trip.
  2. Next, complete this application at least two months in advance (if possible). If you are filling out an application form through another sending organization, that form may be sufficient for use with CFC.
  3. To ensure the best success, plan early! The Missions Committee will consider a candidate’s timeliness, organization, and communication as key indicators of responsibility.
  4. Upon approval of the application, the Missions Committee will provide further information about the next preparation steps (videos to watch, books to read, Bible study, etc.).
  5. DO NOT make any commitments on behalf of Community Fellowship Church without prior approval.
  6. Please keep the Missions Committee updated regarding any changes in your plans or circumstances.

Basic Requirements

The short-term mission worker should:

  • Exhibit evidence of saving faith via the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
  • Maintain an active and obvious commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • Be active at CFC at least one year prior to the date of departure.
  • Be at least 16 years of age (or a minimum of 13 if accompanied by a parent or mature sibling).
  • Possess the ability and desire to share Christ with others.
  • Demonstrate maturity and proven dependability, which is seen by peers and church leaders in his/her area of ministry.
  • Participate in any required training by CFC and/or a mission agency.
  • Receive parental approval (for candidates under 18 years of age).
  • Attend all trip meetings, if applicable. Absences must be cleared with the Trip Team Leader.

Support Guidelines

  • For your planning purposes, the CFC Missions Committee may provide $100–$250 toward your mission trip budget, depending on the number of applicants and budget constraints. Candidates are encouraged to sacrificially pay what they can and obtain the balance of the budget by working, doing fundraisers, and requesting support from friends and family.
  • In general, solicitation for support should be sought from friends and family members of the candidate, both inside and outside of CFC. Candidates should not make requests to the general CFC church membership (e.g., mass mailing or email), nor solicit CFC functions such as Sunday schools classes, Life Groups, etc. Candidates should solicit funds directly from individuals with whom relationships have been established. It is appropriate, however, to let the wider church body know of any fundraisers you are doing or your willingness to work for pay to go toward your trip expenses.


Please fill out the application and submit it at least two months (if possible) before planned departure date. Be as complete as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Missions Committee.

Also, download these three documents, print, sign, and return to the Missions Committee:

Medical Form            Emergency Release Form            Statement of Faith Agreement