What Will Happen When Christ Returns?

What Will Happen When Christ Returns?

Jesus’ first coming was as a suffering servant, the Lamb of God, to die for mankind’s sin. His Second Coming will be quite different. Rather than coming as the Lamb of  God, Jesus will come as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah . Rather than coming as a sacrifice for sinners, he will come as the judge of the living and the dead. There are at least nine purposes for Christ’s Second Coming.

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  1. Marilyn Barkdoll

    I’m rather new here, but people are friendly and helpful and try very hard to help you feel welcome and included. I’m disabled and the building is easy to enter and get around in. Scripture is the basis of the teaching, and praying for each other and sharing joys and concerns is made important. There’s a heavy emphasis on missionaries, both from a giving and receiving angle. The youth go on mission trips so they can see how others live and help each other, and many missionaries visit and share their stories with the congregation. It’s a solid place for raising children and youth and there is an affiliation with a large group of home schoolers. Come join us!

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