Jesus Prays for His Disciples

Jesus Prays for His Disciples

In chapter 17 of his Gospel, John records for us the final words of Jesus to His disciples, which are a prayer before them that He prays to His Father. But He spoke these words aloud to teach and encourage His disciples since He knew what they were about to face with His imminent arrest and crucifixion.

This prayer is an amazing prayer with deep theology and so many encouraging things. But we are going to focus on requests that Jesus made of His Father. He prayed . . .

  1. That He Would Be Glorified (17:1–5)
  2. That We Would Be Preserved (17:9–12)
  3. That We Would Be Protected (17:13–15)
  4. That We Would Be Sanctified (17:16–19)
  5. That We Would Be Unified (17:20–23)
  6. That We Would Be with Him (17:24)


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