The Gospel and Mental Health

The Gospel and Mental Health

We have seen a growing interest among teens in the church engaging with mental disorders and illness. Many teens (and adults) struggle with their inner selves (of course, for many different reasons), and they want to know how the gospel relates to their minds and emotions, and if what they are experiencing is sin, a disorder, or both.

As a way to take a step forward in engaging the church, we hosted a seminar on how the gospel relates to mental illness. We addressed topics such as what  the gospel has to do with mental health, how to help those who suffer from mental illness, the sufficiency of Scripture to bring hope and help, what some of the physical causes and treatments are of depression, and we heard two testimonies from those who have suffered from depression and panic attacks.

We recorded the sessions and invite you to listen to them:

Session 1 – The Gospel and Mental Illness 

Session 2 – A Christian Doctor’s Perspective on Depression

Session 3 – The Sufficiency of Scripture to Bring Hope and Help

Session 4 – Testimony 1 and Testimony 2

Session 5 – Q & A and Next Steps

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