The Gospel & Mental Health Seminar

The Gospel & Mental Health Seminar

Please join us as we explore how the gospel relates to mental health. Many people struggle with their inner selves (for many different reasons), and they want to know how the gospel relates to their minds and emotions, and if what they are experiencing is sin, a disorder, or perhaps both.  “Mental health” is a very wide-ranging topic, from fear, depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, to PTSD, other complex trauma, or more stereotypical “disorders.”

We hope to explore issues such as:

  • What has the gospel to do with mental health?
  • Reaching out to those who suffer with mental illness.
  • The brain and its disorders.
  • Psychosomatic effects of sin.
  • Psychopharmacology and the church.
  • The sufficiency of Scripture to bring hope and help.
  • Anxiety: sin, disorder, or both?
  • Depression: statistics and a way forward.


Session 1 – The Gospel and Mental Illness – 10:00-10:45

Session 2 – Psychosomatic Effects of Sin (the reality of organic brain diseases and the effects of personal sin and sin as a context of living) – 11-11:30

Lunch – 11:30-12:15

Session 3 – The Sufficiency of Scripture to Bring Hope and Help – 12:15-12:45

Session 4 – Testimonies – 12:50-1:20

Session 5 – Q&A and brainstorming a way forward for the church to continue to engage in the discussion of how the gospel relates to bringing wholeness and healing to all areas of life. – 1:30-2:00.


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