God Actually Spoke To Me

Do you want to hear God speak to you personally? He still does in the 21st century. Read how you can hear from Him; it may surprise you. God Actually Spoke To Me Please follow and like us:

Reignite Your Prayer Life by Praying the Bible

How’s your prayer life? Hardly any question can cause more chin-dropping, foot-shuffling embarrassment for Christians than asking about their prayer life. Why do so many followers of Jesus suffer with such unsatisfying prayer lives and consider themselves hopelessly second-rate Christians for it?…

Why Join a Church

Here are six good reasons to join a local church. “What if you joined the rebellion, and pledged your loyalty and engagement to a Bible-believing, gospel-cherishing local church?” Source: Why Join a Church | Desiring God Please follow and like us:

The Danger of Seeking Your Dream Church

From Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together: Every human wish-dream that is injected into the Christian community is a hindrance to genuine community and must be banished if genuine community is to survive. He who loves his dream of a community more than the Christian community itself becomes a destroyer of the latter, even though his personal intentions may be ever so honest…
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