There Is No Place for Regret

Regret may be no more than a form of self-love. A man may have such a high regard for himself that any failure to live up to his own image of himself disappoints him deeply. He feels that he has betrayed his better self by his act of wrongdoing, and even if God is willing to forgive him he will not forgive himself.

What’s at Stake? The Gospel Is at Stake.

Accepting an Adam with evolutionary origins immediately impacts what it means to be human, created by God in His image. It opens a Pandora’s box of theological problems Read the entire article/interview on the importance of holding to a historical Adam: What’s at Stake? The Gospel Is at…

“The Bible Tells Me So” Book Review

I encourage you to read this helpful review of a very troubling book by Peter Enns. Evidently he knows more than Jesus and Paul (and the views of Jews and Christians for thousands of years). We must be watchful and careful to not be taken in by “persuasive arguments” (Col. 2:4). The…
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