Christian Living (Page 3)

Christian Living (Page 3)

Test Yourselves!

Paul tells the Corinthian believers (and us) to examine ourselves—to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith—to see if our faith is genuine and real. That may seem to go against the idea of assurance to you. But, a true believer will want to examine himself; he will want to see evidences of the work of God in his life. And when he does, it will give him sweet…

There Is No Place for Regret

Regret may be no more than a form of self-love. A man may have such a high regard for himself that any failure to live up to his own image of himself disappoints him deeply. He feels that he has betrayed his better self by his act of wrongdoing, and even if God is willing to forgive him he will not forgive himself.

Do You Wish You Were Rich?

Surely you’ve had the filthy-rich daydream before, right? Maybe you heard about the latest tech billionaire who turned a little app into gold by selling it to Facebook or Google. Or maybe you heard of lotteries with their prizes stretching into the hundreds of millions or the guy who made the little investment in just the right company at just the right time. You heard…
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